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Bring your Library or shared space into the technological age with Hublet!

Hublet is a complete and ready-to-use self-service solution to offer loanable tablets in shared spaces, such as public libraries, aged care facilities and hospitals.


Hublet keeps your tablets organised, charged and up to date. With it's cloud-based management tool, Hublet Manager, you can easily control and pre-define tablet contents. User privacy is guaranteed with automated data wipe after every use.


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With Hublet tablets you offer the content you want in your environment. Hublet contains Samsung tablets, docking station and the management software. 

Our solutions are based on our own Hublet tablet system that combines the special features designed for easy administration and public use. Our total solution includes an intelligent charging station, high quality and durable tablets, and an easy-to-use cloud-based management tool. 

Tablets have traditionally been seen as personal tools, but we approach them from different angles. Hublet has been designed from the beginning to meet the challenges of public and shared use of tablets. Our system is, above all, a platform for digital services that will deliver the content you choose to your space. We combine physical and digital experience.

                                                          Hublet:  The easiest way to maintain and manage shared use of digital tablets!


                                                       Hublet: The easiest way to maintain and manage shared use of digital tablets!



The modern library over the past 10 years has increasingly become more digitally orientated and has become the access point for information for everyone.  By creating different device profiles can be setup for multiple uses and deployed easily via the cloud based management tool.  Hublet can be used to manage workshops, courses, back office functions and access the internet easily for patrons.  Hublet is the only service combining top of the line security and management in a complete cost effective solution.

aged care and Health facilities

The tablets can be used for reading and entertainment, monitoring client needs and enhancing the existing rehabilitation services and waiting times.  The tablets can be used for logging patient data and provide care side recreation.  In practice, they can be part of the ERP system and allow a scalable solution to patient interaction and feedback.



Offer the best possible customer experience for your guests.  Digital services in lobbies, restaurants or the room.  Currently used for access to the internet, entertainment and information, staff training, providing surveys, and importantly easily scalable when required.


Exhibition and museum spaces can be enhanced by providing interactive visitor experience.  Hublet is an easy and secure way to provide digital content and provide an easy feedback tool for management and operational staff.